Do you want on how to build a landing page in WordPress? By using a great stunning landing page, you can drive a variety of marketing campaigns, drive more organic traffic to your site, and convert more landing traffic into customers and leads.

In this guide, we will discuss how to create a landing page on WordPress with Elementor. We will cover the fundamental steps and guidelines you need to follow to create an effective design landing page for WordPress.

A landing page is basic

Many people combine the homepage of a website with a landing page. We focus on some landing page basics before moving on to our main tutorial.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a complete-built page designed to increase your conversational or sales or generate leads for a business.

Broadly saying, a landing page is a page of your website that has been created specifically for a specific marketing campaign. Landing pages are designed with clear call to action (CTA) goals in mind, and they often produce better conversion rates than regular blog posts or site pages. They are a good source for creating leads and creating an email list for marketing purposes as well as an effective presence on social media.

There are a number of differences between landing pages and regular pages – such as homepages, for example, their titles and footer menu links are less or no, and they tend to be more visual and clear messages. The most common way to categorize landing pages is to lead generation pages and click-through pages.

What’s the main difference between a homepage and a landing page?

While a visitor may “land” on your website’s homepage, this does not mean that your website homepage is a landing page.

Your homepage is basically a welcome area for your brand or business. It identifies what your brand offers, who it is for, who to contact, and more. What’s more, it encourages your visitors to explore other areas of your site

This is a great way to get people involved with your service. However, this is always not great if you want the audience to take a single, specific step.

Here we use landing pages; Instead of trying to cover all the information about your brand, a landing page focuses on the audience performing a specific action. That action could be buying a product, filling out a form, joining your email list, and so on.

As we mentioned above, landing pages accomplish this by removing as much confusion as possible. For example, your homepage will include lots of links in deep areas of your site. This is good because you want visitors to explore.

How to build a landing page in WordPress with elementor

We chose to create a landing page in WordPress. The WordPress Landing Page Builder Plugin is # 1, easy to use, optimized for speed, has great features, and is affordable for small businesses. You can choose the solution that best suits your needs.

Are you ready to create your first landing page? Let’s get started –

Initial Setup

To follow this guide and create your landing page, you’ll need these tools:

  • Domain Name: Your brand or site URL. Recommended buying Namecheap.
  • Hosting: A server where your file is stored. Recommend A2 Hosting or SiteGround
  • WordPress: Best CMS platform.
  • Elementor Website Builder: A WordPress page builder plugin (also known as WordPress theme builder). It has both free and premium versions. The free version name Elementor plugin (required) and the premium version name Elementor Pro (optional, but very useful for creating stunning WordPress landing pages).
Elementor is a drag-and-drop page builder for WordPress. This plugin helps you create beautiful wordpress landing pages using a visual editor.

WordPress is the initial baseline to connect functionality for your website and your landing pages. If you’ve already had a website with WordPress, you can use that same WordPress site to build your landing pages. If you don’t have a WordPress site yet, you’ll need to make a fresh WordPress install before starting. We have a detailed guide on how to make a WordPress site.

Elementor Basic Setup

Once you have a WordPress site and login WordPress dashboard, now you add the visual, drag-and-drop design interface Elementor plugin that you can use to create your landing pages. To install it go to Plugins – Add New and search for “Elementor”. Finally, Install & Activate.

Elementor Website Builder

After activating the plugin, you will find the new option on the left side WordPress dashboard named “Elementor” and “Templates”. I will cover the main section briefly.

How to Build a Landing Page in WordPress

In the above image, I merge two options numbering 1 and 2.

Setting: Here you can set your Elementor primary setting to include post types, style, Google map integration, CSS loading option, and much more.

Role Manager: Manage your users who can edit in which Elementor section.

Tools: it indicates start Elementor safe mode, maintenance mode, Import/export.

System Info: You can find here all your information – Server Environment, WordPress Environment, Theme, Plugins, etc.

Go Pro: This is a premium feature that works when you use the Elementor Pro plugin.

Templates: You can create and save custom templates, and make Popup for lead generation, but almost comes from Elementor Pro.

Now we create our first landing page:

Step 1: Create a new landing page

One of the advantages of using Elementor is that it gives you a dedicated interface to manage your landing pages without having to mix them with your regular WordPress content pages.

To create your first landing page, go to Template → Landing Pages and click the Add New Landing Page button.

Or go to the WordPress Page section – Add New – Edit with Element

This will launch the Element Editor. You can either choose one of the pre-made landing page templates or close the template library to create your landing page from scratch.

Step 2: Designed and Customized landing page Using Elementor Widgets

wordpress landing page builder plugin

When you design your landing page you will see the option like the picture above if it can be a little different. Because numerous plugins or add-ons have been created separately for Elementor Plugin only. You have needed just an idea of how to use it. However, I have marked this portion with four different colors for understanding.

The left corner above is marked as Green in color, you get three options “Three Parallel Line”, Elementor Logo, and “Square Nine Dot “.

How to Build a Landing Page in WordPress

By clicking “Three Parallel Line”, You will control your site setting, view your page, Exit to Dashboard, etc.

Using nine-dot, you will see drag and drop Elementor Widgets that help you to build your landing pages or you can search widgets in search options that I have marked in blue color.

Each widget has many options such as color, background, motion effect, image upload, device responsiveness, animations, styling, layout controlling, etc.

Lastly red marked portion, you control your whole landing page click the setting button, use navigate for easy edit & customize, update your page click the Update button.

Step 3: Publish Your Landing Page

There are so many features of the Elementor Plugin that it is impossible to finish it by saying or writing. Whether you are a business owner or a blogger, you can use the Elementor page builder plugin to create a beautiful landing page or complete a full website. After completing your design and customization click Update to live your landing page.

Landing Page: FAQ

Is WordPress good for landing pages?

An outstanding landing page is all for zero if search engines can’t find it. That’s why WordPress is the best. Because WordPress directory offers many SEO plugins that will merge WordPress landing page builder plugin to optimize your content for search so visitors can easily locate your website when they look for your brand online.

What is the best landing page builder for WordPress?

There are many WordPress landing page builder plugin that has awesome features. Moreover, many landing page builder comes from the theme package such as Divi Page Builder better work with the Divi theme. But, Elementor is the most powerful feature that has no other.

Can you create a WordPress landing page for free?

You can publish unlimited landing pages for free using Elementor. But some features can’t just be done using Elementor, you need Elementor Pro.

What is the best alternative to Elementor?

• Beaver Builder
• Divi
• Visual Composer
• Thrive Architect
• WPBakery Page Builder

What’s the difference between Element and Element Pro?

Elementor Free Page / Website Builder which you use freely from and on the other hand Elementor Pro is a premium version that you have to buy from here.

Does WordPress offer landing pages?

Yes! But you need help with the WordPress page builder plugin.

Final Conclusion

I hope this article will teach you how to build a landing page in WordPress. A landing page is a unique site or web page that converts visitors into a purchase or submission of contact information in order to take the desired action. This is a requirement for every business.

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