A domain name carries more meaning when it comes to finding your blog or service or business online. Domain names can play an important role in promoting your brand identity to customers.

How will the audience feel when they hear your domain name?

Does the name describe the products and services you provide?

Should you choose an SEO-friendly domain name or a brandable domain name?

While registering a domain name is extremely easy, there are a few things you must keep in mind before registering. This guide reviews how to choose a brandable domain name for a business enterprise or service.

At a Glance Domain Name and Brandable domain Name

A domain name is an online identity that represents your brand name or business name and so on.

Brandable Domain

The .com domain extension is usually used for business or blogging. However, Google has made sure that domain extensions do not affect their ranking metrics. There are instances where search ranking has become # 1 by working with other extensions instead of the .com extension.

However, .com is useful for branding names. So, if you find your desired name in the .com extension, register it. Otherwise, purchase another extension.

Hope your idea about domain extensions is clear.

This time we will discuss other issues in the domain. And the first thing that comes to mind, in this case, is whether to take the new fresh domain or the aged domain or the dropped domain will be better?

I am simply saying this in the light of my experience.

Aged Domain: Aged domain means older domain. It was registered a few years ago and renewed every year or the website was launched. But now that site is no longer a continue. This type of domain is available for purchase from the auction.

According to many experts, Google attaches importance to this domain and counts it as a positive metric. It is not possible to ignore it all at once, because it takes a minimum of time to rank when working with a new fresh domain. Moreover, the age of the domain is very important.

Aged domain advantage

  • Can be ranked quickly
  • Backlinks take less
  • Earning quickly begins

Aged domain disadvantage

  • The site is more likely to be penalized
  • You have to buy a domain with a higher price

Dropped Domain: Aged domains and dropping domains are similar. There is only one difference. When a domain is no longer renewed, it goes to parking. Then for a while it is released, which means it is available for purchase in a new way. Then you can register it if you want.

Simply put, it was dropped after registration for non-renewal. Re-opened for re-registration.

Dropped Domain advantage

  • Domains can be bought at low prices
  • Earning quickly begins

Dropped domain disadvantage

  • The site is more likely to be penalized
  • The site is more likely to not rank

New/Fresh Domain (Recommended): A domain that has never been registered before is a new/fresh domain.

Fresh Domain Advantage:

  • You can start as you wish
  • The site is less likely to be penalized

Fresh Domain Disadvantage:

  • It will take time to rank
  • Earning will start late

A brandable domain name is a creative name that does not include any specific descriptive meanings or SEO keywords. Brandable domain names are usually created with words like Google, Facebook, or Pinterest.

According to experts, the importance of brand names is immense. When a brand is established with a domain name, it is assumed that it has rightly acquired authority.

And search engines give more priority to the authority of the site.

Considering all these aspects, the brandable domain is the only solution at the present time.

How to select a Brandable domain name?

Pick a Unique name:

Uniqueness always helps to attract attention. Always try to find a unique name. If you can’t find it, create a name of your own, for example, Google, Facebook, and Twitter was not a word from Google Dictionary, these are outcomes of human intention.

For example, my domain name: bloggingparameter.com

Many times, you will not find your desired name. Then use synonyms to create a unique domain name for your blog. This is an easy and effective way to find branded domain names.

Suppose your service or business topics SEO training. Then your domain name maybe

  • seoland.com
  • seojournal.com

Domain Name Suggestion Tool:

You can’t find my brand-related name. Then try the Domain Name Suggestion tool to find the best brandable domain name for your brand. These tools will help you provide different combinations of names and keywords. Just enter your brand name in the search option and hit.

Attract Name to figure out and easy to recall:

Have you ever wondered why it’s easy to spell a big brand domain? Because people always remember simple things.

A simple type and easy-to-remember domain name help visitors to visit your website easily without confusing themselves.

When you want to choose a domain name and you don’t know if it’s easy, you should tell a few friends the name you remember. If they seem easy to remember then you can go to that domain but consider other things as well

Try to Avoid hyphens and numeric numbers

Avoid hyphens and numeric words. The use of hyphens will confuse the audience who is typing the domain in the address bar.

If you use a number of your domain name then it can limit your domain to one box.

For example, if your domain is 10example.com, it means you are telling readers that your blog has only 10 examples or fewer.

Therefore, your audience can be confused.

Use Proper Domain Length & Extension

Try to keep the domain name as short as possible. It is best if the domain name is within 15 characters. In the case of brandable domains, give priority to top-level domains (TLD) like .com, .net, and so on.

Review domain name statistics

By now you have finished reading the top part of my article. And you are probably ready for domain name selection. Check the history of your domain name.  As mentioned above, it is an aged domain or dropped domain, or a fresh domain. It is very important.

Because many people buy a new domain and start working but the site cannot rank. Then this problem was discovered. By then a lot of money is spent and one’s own efforts are in vain.

So do not register after getting a new domain. You have to register after checking and selecting well.

Some tools/sites can be used to check whether the domain name is fresh or not.

WhoIsRequest: Open this site. Enter any domain you want to register in the search box. The list will show whether the domain was previously registered or not. If so, you will see how many times it happened, when it happened, where it was hosted, and when it was dropped by date.

Now you have to go to another site.

Archive: Through this site, you can learn about the former nature of the domain. That means you will see what the site was like before, and what the content was.

This means that if you spend some time in the archive with an old domain, you will get all the information about that domain.

Final thought for picking a brandable domain name

Brand names are not just your business names, they expose the nature and identity of your business or service. However, when you choose a brandable domain name, search carefully and with time.

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